“For as long as I can remember, migraines have been a part of my life. Once they took hold, they were relentless and debilitating… I have lost days to the pain, which has been hard on my family. Several times a year, I went to the ER for pain management. My husband asks every morning, “How’s your head?”

Through the NASA published technology, Dr. Kendall identified the root cause of my pain and worked to realign my spine. After a few adjustments, I could stand straighter, slept better, and thought clearer (less fogginess). With time and repetition, I saw vast improvements not only in how I felt but also my assessments.

Over 4 months my migraines gradually became less intense and less frequent. Life is so much better now! The office is impressive, feels calm … the doctor and staff are warm and welcoming and greet me by name when I walk in.

I would recommend chiropractic care to any man, woman, or child that was sick, suffering, or in pain! I would also like others to know about Dr. Kendall’s competence, compassion and high ethical standards, and his faith in God. My heartfelt gratitude for his helping me be more pain free and able to better enjoy life to the fullest!”


James came into the office and started care following a motor vehicle accident. He was sitting at a light when he was rear-ended by an 18- wheeler at approximately 55 mph. He was immediately transported via ambulance to the emergency room due to injuries he sustained in the accident. James then sought out the chiropractor because he continued to suffer from constant headaches due to a concussion, whiplash, back pain and dizziness. James described his condition as severe. As a self- employed general contractor, his condition affected him physically to the point that he was not able to work.

Since beginning principled chiropractic care, James has recovered from his accident and states:

“The results were completely gratifying. I seldom have any headaches and I am much more agile than before. The office setting is very peaceful, warm and welcoming. The staff is the friendliest and kindest healthcare personnel that I have ever encountered. This doctor and his team create a healing environment and the services offered only enhance the experience.”


“Last year, at 75, I was diagnosed with bursitis, and eventually my sciatic nerve was causing numbness in my right leg and foot. Many people from our church recommended me see a principled chiropractor.

First…after my first 3 or 4 adjustments, the Dr. asked if I still needed the sleep apnea mask I had slept with for years and sure enough it was not long before I no longer needed the mask! I slept well and awoke rested.

Oh and yes, the bursitis and sciatic pain is also gone!

Secondly…I have been cross-eyed and have worn glasses since I was four years old. 
As I matured, I didn’t need glasses for many years. The time came, however, when I needed magnifying glasses for reading, but distance became a problem. Shortly after starting chiropractic care I took off my glasses and everything was CLEAR and I could see details, wherever I looked.

The third incident blew my mind. I was born bowlegged. I recall as a teenager learning to walk and stand to hide the malady I had. My regular doctor told me I was beginning to develop osteoporosis, and my bones were becoming frail and stiff. One day I was getting dressed and something seemed odd. I checked and I WAS NO LONGER BOWLEGGED. I firmly believe the adjustments I have been receiving caused my legs to become straighter. If that can be done, I do not believe my bones are getting stiffer. Today I thank God for chiropractic care!”


Donna came to see Dr. Kendall 6 months ago suffering from years of shoulder and neck and pain associated with degenerative disk disease. In addition, she had horrible knee pain every day. I was taking Ibuprofen every day all day for the pain. After only 6 months, I no longer take pain killers on a daily basis!

“I’ve always believed chiropractic treatment would help headaches. I wasn’t so sure how adjusting my knee would help. To my surprise, I walked out without limping and my knee feels like new! AMAZING! The specific and gentle adjustments Dr. Kendall have helped my body function better and relieved the pain.

Now, whenever I hear people complaining about body aches and pains, I encourage them to seek out a chiropractor for help.”


Michael came into the office with low back pain, acid reflux, high blood pressure and trouble sleeping. He had been treated with prescription drugs by his primary care physician, which did not help him at all.

Since starting principled chiropractic care, he no longer has to take his sleeping medication and he no longer has acid reflux. And, of course, his lower back is functioning properly again without pain.

Michael followed his chiropractic corrective plan and never missed an appointment. He continues to maintain his progress and overall health with Chiropractic Health Visits.

Michael said,

“I really like chiropractic and the team that serves here. They really seem to care for your health and your family’s health. I would advise anyone to visit this office. You will see the results without the drugs and their side effects. I appreciate all their help.” Mr. Michael is truly living healthy


    5 star review  Love love love this place!! Awesome and friendly staff. I never have to wait. And I’m feeling great!!! Thanks Aurora Chiropractic!!!!

    thumb nancy duvall

    5 star review  Friendly and attentive staff. Dr. Kendall is informative and utilizes the latest technology to allow the clients to understand the opportunity and best care program. I have gained a lot of mobility and reduced pain.

    thumb Nick Belton

    5 star review  I love the encouraging atmosphere of Aurora Chiropractic! Everyone is so helpful and kind! I especially love the music being played - upbeat and encouraging!! And Dr Kendall is always willing to take the time to talk during my visits.

    thumb laura Wood

    5 star review  Dr. Kendall is fantastic! I've been seeing him for over two years now. I initially came in with years of chronic neck and shoulder pain with inability to perform long term heavy lifting and repetitive movement tasks. He took a holistic approach to addressing my symptoms, explaining everything that was going on with me in great detail and addressed any questions/concerns I had throughout the whole process. After my treatment I have increased mobility throughout my body and the chronic pain is gone! Definitely recommend seeing Dr. Kendall if you haven't been able to get the relief you're looking for.

    thumb Suraj Rami