Modern Technology That Improves Chiropractic Care

Diagnosis is crucial to proper care. By employing state of the art technology we are able to identify not only where the problem is starting, but also the severity.

We can use technology to determine where in your nervous system the root cause of your pain may originate. Often when one part of the nerve is affected, the others are as well. This is why lower back pain could be affecting others parts of your body. We use modern technology to measure all the components of your nervous system and make sure you are as healthy as possible. Below are some of the technologies we use at Aurora Chiropractic:

Spinal Thermography – This measures spinal nerve control of organs, glands, and blood vessels using infrared technology.

  • When misalignment is present in the spine, it causes irritation to nerves going to the surrounding blood vessels. This technology outputs a graphic representation helping to establish a baseline for care.
  • While most people come to a chiropractor seeking relief of aches and pain, computed spinal thermography helps identify nerve interference, which has been shown (see research tab) to cause various other health concerns such as fatigue, sleeplessness, digestive, cardiovascular, and even reproductive dysfunction. Quite simply, when the nerves in our body are not adequately functioning, it leads to disease and dysfunction. We are able to monitor the progress of nerve stress in your body and ensure optimal health, with real-time results.

You can explore the benefits of thermography further by visiting our page.

Surface Electromyography (SEMG) -This accurately and reliably measures the tone of muscles along the spine.

  • Using this technology, we can view the musculature around the spine and pinpoint spinal segments suffering from overactive or underactive muscle activity.
  • Knowing whether or not a muscle is firing at an optimal level helps identify points of weakness around the spine and nervous system, and may be indicative of a vertebral misalignment.
  • Once performed, a graph is established as a baseline for care. Essentially, this tool allows us to look at the nerve supply to spinal muscles, and pinpoint the source of your pain, allowing for improved health and getting you back to the things you love.

Whether it be going for a walk, exercising, or playing in the backyard with the kids, spinal thermography and SEMG helps us identify what’s keeping you from enjoying your life at 100 percent. You can visit the our surface electromyography page here to learn more.