The Aurora Chiropractic Difference

Our goal is to get the absolute best care in the quickest time possible, allowing you to return to your normal life.

We utilize the principles of Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP), the most researched technique in the chiropractic profession that doesn’t just seek to alleviate pain short-term, but correct the spine long-term.

Why is that important?

Proper Diagnosis – With the right history, exam, and analysis of your case, we can pinpoint exactly what the root cause of your underlying health concerns are. While other chiropractic offices may offer temporary relief, our chiropractic difference is that we provide lasting results, and a gentle scientifically specific adjustment tailored to your needs. This makes the corrective process quicker, easier, and painless.

Research-Based – Chiropractic Biophysics is the most researched technique in the profession. For you, that means years of testing and re-testing of various methods has made care more effective and predictable. By comparing your results to the normal spinal values, we are able to provide the best possible care.

Predictable Results – We provide a timeline to get out of pain and create full healing in your body. We do this by utilizing scientifically specific measurements of the angles, curves, and measurements of your spine. By looking at your posture, and using Chiropractic Biophysics research, we’re able to predict results that are visible.

Proof in Results – Through your course of care, we have different benchmarks, where we periodically reassess your progress. How you feel is important, but our objective is to make sure those results are permanent. By taking pre- and post- x-rays you are able to see the improvements in your spine, and know whether the root cause of your problem is fixed.

Treating the Root Cause…NOT Symptoms – Through proper diagnosis and application of scientific principles, we pinpoint the problems and lay out a course of care that will correct your problem. How you feel is important, but often if we don’t address the underlying causes, the symptoms come back. We address the cause of your symptoms to get you out of pain and back to your life faster.

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