Surface Electromyography Improves Chiropractic Results

At Aurora Chiropractic, we use surface electromyography. This is a Space Foundation certified and published technology that is very similar to that of an ecg or ekg. But instead of measuring the muscle rhythms and electrical patterns of the heart, SEMG technology measures muscle differentials around the spine.


When people come into our office with various aches and pains, many times it is due to subluxations (misalignments) in their spine. These subluxations are going to cause pressure on the spinal nerve, which will cause increased electrical activity in the muscle, leading to abnormal muscle firing, and increased muscle imbalance.

To put this into context, this is not the type of increased or abnormal muscle firing you experience when you go to the gym and you are working out. That is a spasm in your muscle due to tight or contracted muscles from neurological stress patterns potentially due to vertebral subluxation. This is an imbalance or tension in the muscles that is specifically due to increased nerve firing. SEMG technology measures the nerve signaling and the nerve firing in the muscles surrounding your spine (also called the paraspinal muscles).

Just like with thermography technology, the SEMG technology is going to tell us where the muscles are firing abnormally, and if they are firing too much, or too little.

Results You Can See

By using SEMG technology, we are able to see where problems are, and how severe they are. This helps us to narrow down exactly what the root cause of your health concerns are, so we can correct them at the source. By doing this we are able to achieve quicker and longer-lasting results for our patients.

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